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About R.Evolution

R.Evolution is the developer and creative force behind Eywa, we are a high-end boutique real estate developer from Europe. Since 1999, we’ve been developing the impossible into being – and winning awards while doing so.

Having already developed more than 2,500,000 sq ft GFA of prime real estate in Latvia, Germany and Spain, Eywa introduces our signature style to Dubai.
This represents our belief that homes are never just square feet, fixtures and fittings, so-called ‘luxury’ that’s surface-level only. They’re where dreams begin and families blossom. Where we reset our emotions, and conjure new possibilities.

They’re living, breathing companions to our lives. To us, homes should tell stories. Spark imaginations. Speak to the senses. Explore the elements. Be fantastical and futuristic, but also timeless and tranquil.